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I have been a psychologist for the past 30 years and currently work from my 7 acre haven called ‘Aroona’ that is nestled in the green rolling hills of the Kurrajong region (some call it the Tuscany of the South) on the outskirts of Sydney.   I started my early career as a psychologist working in rehabilitation, career counselling and adolescent mental health.  I then went on to work in restorative practices (family mediation, victims of crime) and with people who have suffered trauma, loss and grief.  I had a private practice in Brisbane working with individuals and couples experiencing a range of challenges (depression, anxiety, loss of purpose) as well offering assistance to help people rediscover their hidden wholeness through positive psychology.  I also have extensive experience facilitating groups, retreats and fostering community development.

I offer 5 years experience working with organisations in leadership assessment and development, executive coaching and organisation development.  As well as 20 year experience in leadership roles in different contexts and industries. 

I meet people where they are at and am skilled at assisting shifts on to higher ground where people can refresh their perspective and move forward clearly.

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